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What is a RAP?

  • August 3rd, 2017

A Reconciliation Action Plan, more commonly referred to as a ‘RAP’ is a business plan that states an organisation’s commitment to reconciliation in Australia.

The aim of the RAP framework is to build relationships, trust and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within the wider Australian community, and emphasising social change, diversity and mutual respect in the workplace.

The focus is to promote the connection between the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures within organisations, prioritising the provision of crucial economic opportunities and strengthening the presence of Indigenous perspectives. There are a range of benefits of increased engagement including a more dynamic and innovative workforce, and a culturally diverse and understanding organisational culture.

There are four different types of RAPs depending on the progress of your organisation. They set out the minimum elements required from your business in trying to engage, educate and enable all Australians to actively contribute to your business. The four types are:

  1. Reflect – for organisations starting the Reconciliation Journey
  2. Innovate – organisation with relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stakeholders and seeking cultural appreciation, supplier diversity and other reconciliation actions
  3. Stretch – organisations ready to commit to specific targets for actions detailed in their RAP
  4. Elevate – organisations with a successful track record and ready for significant investment in reconciliation

The development of an organisation’s RAP should include extensive consultation with various stakeholder to obtain a variety of perspectives, experiences and knowledge. Gaining a deeper understanding the world’s oldest continuous living cultures strengthens the organisational culture and contribute to the development of new ideas and opportunities.

Murumal has an extensive track record in developing RAPs with organisations from industry and government. If you want to learn more, contact us to begin your Reconciliation journey.

According to Reconciliation Australia’s RAP Impact Measurement Report 2015 (image below), there are over 650+ organisations who have developed RAPs. To find out more about RAP success stories and initiatives, visit Reconciliation Australia.

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